Luke 16:18


Jesus talked about marriage. Jesus talked about divorce.

“Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” Luke 16:18

What is the purpose behind marriage? Is it only for the propagation of the planet? Was God’s plan for marriage to simply have a place for children to grow up in a family environment? While that is a big wonderful part of marriage, it is not the only reason for its creation.

When God created the world, He created balance, day and night, light and dark, water and sky, male and female, etc. All of it reflected God. All of God’s creation cries out for the world to see Him. Then God put His very image onto both male and female. His stamp is engraved into the very core of humanity.

And God’s heart is for the world to know Him. He created the natural to teach us the Spiritual. All of nature cries out that God is. His Word tells us more about who He is. So, with that comes a job, a task, a responsibility to let others who may be blinded to the truth see Him.

Part of that comes in our marriages. Marriage is oneness. It is the union of two people who are very different becoming one flesh. It then becomes one of the privileges of marriage to let others see the oneness that God has created, a bond that is not broken, a covenant that only ends when death separates it. We can show compassion when our spouses don’t necessarily deserve it. We can exercise forgiveness for wrongs committed. We can display steadfastness and the joy that comes in this relationship.

If that gets lived out, then others can witness a Biblical truth. When we come to Jesus, our Bridegroom, when we enter into a marriage covenant with Him, it will never be broken, not even in death. We have the privilege of displaying that truth through our marriages.

But in the world, divorce does happen. He is faithful when we are not. He is committed to us when we mess up.

We have the privilege of displaying His faithfulness through our lives, no matter what.

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