Looks like Defeat

“But now you have rejected and humbled us; you no longer go out with our armies. You made us retreat before the enemy, and our adversaries have plundered us. You gave us up to be devoured like sheep and have scattered us among the nations. You sold your people for a pittance, gaining nothing from their sale. You have made us a reproach to our neighbors, the scorn and derision of those around us. You have made us a byword among the nations; the peoples shake their heads at us. I live in disgrace all day long, and my face is covered with shame at the taunts of those who reproach and revile me, because of the enemy, who is bent on revenge.”

Psalm 44:9-16

Today’s verses look like true defeat. Why? It looked and felt as if God had abandoned Israel to their enemies.

It does feel that way sometimes. We look at what is going on and wonder when God left us.

There are consequences to our actions. They affect us, those around us, and even the generations behind us. This was the way it was with Israel. They would follow for a little while and then determine to go their own way. It left them vulnerable. Even as this psalm was written, the days of being devoured by other nations were about to move into full gear.

When King David’s grandson moved into power, the nation rebelled under his strict demands and Israel split. It became two nations, one to the north and one to the south. In time both would be invaded and the people killed and taken out as slaves.

They remained that way until 1948 when Israel became a nation again. They have been through many difficult times.

But God had never abandoned His people. It was during that time that Jesus came to declare true freedom through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.

Jesus, I am so grateful that no matter what it looks like regarding consequences in my life or what is going on around me, You are still working. You will bring freedom.

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