Living in the Lord's Tent

Psalm 15:1

“LORD, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain?” Psalm 15:1

To live in the Lord’s tent, to dwell on His holy mountains…wow, what an incredible place to be.

At the time that the Psalm was written, the Temple had not yet been built. The place of worship was the tabernacle. It was essentially a tent that could be moved and then set up in the most convenient place during the travels of the Israelites in the wilderness. It came to rest on the mountain that would come to be known as the Temple Mount when King Solomon constructed the Temple. It was considered the holy mountain.

So, what are we seeing here?

We are being challenged to spend time in the place of worship. We are to come together on a regular basis and be in God’s house. Worshiping together is an experience unlike any other.

But there is a hint of something more here.

At the time this was written the Tabernacle was the tent of worship and they were one generation away from the Temple being constructed. But when Jesus came, He helped us to realize that we were to become the Temple. Our bodies are to be the place where we invite Christ into our lives and He dwells within us.

Yes, we are to live in the Lord’s tent, but we must also invite Him to live in ours.

Dear Jesus, it is such a privilege to come into Your house, our churches to worship. Thank You for allowing us to do that, but we also want to invite You to come into our lives to be the center of worship within us.

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