Light in the Darkness

It is very challenging to walk in complete darkness. It’s hard to know which direction to go or even where to place our feet for a next step. If we’re going to walk without stumbling or tripping or bumping into things, we need some kind of light to guide us. During the days of the writing of the Psalms, it wasn’t as if roads were well lit. Travelers had no flashlights or streetlights to guide their steps. So, they might have used a small lamp hung on a rope swinging in front of them to light their way. Or they could possibly have strapped a small lamp to their ankles to make it possible to see the path they were on. It probably wasn’t the safest way to travel. It makes me wonder how many ended up with feet or legs burned by the flickering wicks, but it did provide a bit of light for the sojourner.

God’s Word is like that light. He has given us direction and light for our lives. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

Every single day, our God wants to give us light for our lives, our days, even all of our minutes. But we need to take advantage of the light that He has made available. It does not help us if we leave the light just sitting on our book shelves. We must take it down, read it, and apply it to our lives. We can open God’s Word and let the light shine into our lives and onto our paths every day.

Father, thank You for the light of Your Word. I love that every day You shine Your light into my life.

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