“God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the ‘gods’;” Psalm 82:1

God is the one who sits on the throne. There is no other. The “gods” of this world have no power over Him. He is the One who renders judgment over those false gods.

We can look in the Scripture and read about those who bowed down to false idols and wonder, “How could they?” We see in the Bible the extremes some went to for this false form of worship by sacrificing their children and again ask, “How could they?”

But what about us today? What is it that we worship? And what is it we are sacrificing?

How about money and power? Do we strive for that above all else?

How about our leisure time? Do we guard it so closely that we are neglecting our relationship with the Lord?

Are our jobs the main focus of our lives or is God?

Anything that is more important than the Lord is in fact an idol. We are called to love Him with our whole hearts, our minds, our strength, our very souls. All else comes second, and at the close of this life we will not regret for one nanosecond that we have put the Lord first.

Father, today, help me to choose You first, above all else.

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