Intro to Psalm 119

Today as you read this post, let me remind you that the writers of this are a team. So, as we write, we share from our own perspectives. Today Kris is sharing a personal story. She mentions a son. Two of us sisters only have daughters. So, if you are reading this and know one of us as only having girls, it might be a bit confusing. It is a reminder that as you read, you might be hearing from any one of us. So, here we go as we introduce the amazing Psalm 119.

Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in Scripture. It is just two verses. Two chapters later we come to Psalm 119. It is the longest chapter in Scripture, one hundred and seventy-six verses.

Both are extremely powerful in their own way but I have to say that Psalm 119 was life changing for me.

I was in the fifth grade when a Sunday School teacher challenged our class to read the Bible every day for a week. I did and it became a lifelong habit.

And it was a habit, something I did. I saw it a little like eating dry bread. Now don’t get me wrong, dry bread will feed you whether you enjoy it or not but there should be more to eating than just dry bread. After all there is an entire world full of great food.

It’s the same way with studying the Scripture. I knew that there should be more to reading the Scripture than what I was seeing. I would hear people talk about their encounters in the Word and knew I was missing a lot. I started to pray about that.

One Sunday morning our pastor challenged the church to read Psalm 119 every day for a week. He said it would be life changing.

I wanted a life change so I decided to pick up that challenge.

Now I have to be honest, that was a stretch. Psalm 119 is based on the Hebrew alphabet. It is twenty-two sections of eight verses each, almost all about God’s Word.

This was way longer than my daily Bible study routine. Mine was a couple of verses and a couple of prayers over meals.

But I wanted a life change.

So, I got up on Monday morning and read Psalm 119. It was good but it was long. However, nothing seemed earth shattering. It didn’t seem like my life was changing.



Sunday came around and I had read Psalm 119 every day and I have to say there was no real difference. But I made the decision to proclaim Jacob’s prayer from Genesis 32:26, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

So, I read on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, every day looking but not finding anything...

But on Wednesday night I got word that our son had been involved in an accident at church and his foot had been crushed. We rushed him to the hospital where he received surgery.

The next morning, waiting for him to wake up, I opened my Bible to Psalm 119, suddenly the Word of God was alive. The words seemed to be jumping off the page. 

I am here to attest to the fact that the Word of God is more than just dry bread. It is living, breathing, active. It is more relevant than today’s news. Actually, reading God’s Word right next to today’s news helps us to make sense of the condition of the world.

I took the challenge to read Psalm 119 every day for a week because I wanted a life change. I’m pretty hard headed so it took longer than a week but God’s Word became alive to me.

It is our prayer that it will be alive for you. So, beginning tomorrow we are going to take apart the twenty-two sections of Psalm 119 and ask the Lord to change our lives. 

We would love for you to join us.

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