I Lack Nothing

“I lack nothing…” Psalm 23:1

The King James versions puts it this way. “I shall not want.”

This is a bold statement for the times that we live in. Commercials, even whole channels, tout the newest, the brightest, the most exciting, and that whatever it is, we NEED it. We live in an “I want” society. And often we don’t wait until we have the money to get it. So, with credit card in hand, we travel to the store, or jump on line to make “the newest, the brightest, the most exciting” thing ours.

And yet, this phrase in Psalm 23 says, “I shall not want.”

So, why do we?

Remember Esau from Genesis? He was Jacob’s older twin brother. He walked in one day after hunting and was hungry. He had been out and evidently hadn’t eaten. I get it. When we’ve missed a meal or two, our flesh cries out for something to eat. We want our stomachs filled. But Esau sold his birthright for what he wanted right now. His future was sold for the immediate.

We do it too. We go into debt, and our future is sold for the immediate. Some decisions are made in a moment, but they have lifelong effects.

This verse says, “I shall not want.” There is another name hinted at here. It is Yahweh Jireh, the Lord our Provider.

If there is something we want or believe we need, do we stop to ask God about it? Do we pray about our purchases before we make them? Do we ask God for guidance on decisions? Waiting on God’s provision is not always easy, but if we take the time to pray, the desire for “the newest, the brightest, the most exciting” might just wane and we would discover that we really didn’t need it in the first place.

“I shall not want” tells us that we are to be content. The Apostle Paul said he learned to live with both little and much and was content whatever the circumstances.

Can we say that?

And then along with the psalmist say, “I shall not want.”

Lord, you are my Provider, my Yahweh Jireh. Help me to live a contented life and to thank You always for my provisions.

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