How Long oh LORD?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Psalm 13

In Psalm 13 all of David’s questions begin with, “How long?”The “How long?” questions show up in our lives. On a trip with children we hear it over and over. “How long ‘til we get there?” “How long ‘til lunch?” “How long ‘til we stop?” “How much longer?” “How long…?”We see it in our kids, but it lingers long into adulthood. We humans are not a very patient lot.David’s questions began with, “How long?” How many of ours begin that way too? How long must I deal with this sickness? How long will I be in this financial situation? How long will my work be so difficult? How long, God, until You answer? How long…?God’s timing is not our timing.Sometimes the answers come immediately. The sickness ends, a financial miracle occurs, we’re transferred to a new part of the company and the relief is amazing and God is good and faithful and caring and we don’t have words big enough for such great answers.But then there are the days of waiting when sickness doesn’t end, and the financial situation gets worse and the job heats up and it feels as if we have been abandoned by our God. It makes us wonder along with David, “How long?”Both are equally true and God is equally good and faithful and caring through both.

Father, just like earthly fathers, You often hear us asking, “How long?” Help me to trust You even when the questions feel unanswered.

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