God's Name

This psalm proclaims how long we are to praise the Lord.

“Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, you his servants; praise the name of the Lord. Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and forevermore. From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”

Psalm 113:1-3

It begins now and is to go on forevermore. It is to be the theme of our day, our years, our life. His name is so great, so precious, so powerful that it should evoke praise from the rising of the sun until it sets...every waking moment and even the watches of the night. But instead, today God’s name is used as an expletive, part of emojis, in commercials to sell products, to convince people of truth when lies are being spun.

God’s name is to be precious to us. It is to be the place we run to, our strong tower. It is to be lifted up and glorified. His name is to be praised, now and forevermore.

Lord, we lift our praise to You right now for who You are. We are grateful that You have given us the privilege of calling on Your name.

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