Fear and Trust

“I remembered you, God, and I groaned; I meditated, and my spirit grew faint. You kept my eyes from closing; I was too troubled to speak. I thought about the former days, the years of long ago; I remembered my songs in the night. My heart meditated and my spirit asked: ‘Will the Lord reject forever? Will he never show his favor again? Has his unfailing love vanished forever? Has his promise failed for all time? Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has he in anger withheld his compassion?’” Psalm 77:3-9

I love the honesty of the writers of Psalms. They aren’t afraid to admit their despair, weakness, fear, and doubt. They also aren’t afraid to remember, rejoice, praise, and celebrate. And we see everything in between. These writers report their walk in a real, compelling way.

There are verses to identify with no matter what you’re feeling. It’s the reason it’s the go-to book for a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if your face is in the dirt or if it’s in the clouds. One of the psalms has been there, done that.

So, what is it today? What are you facing? God has given us a place to go for comfort and praise. Walk through the Psalms today. What will you find at the end? Victory!

Lord, thank You that everything I face has victory at the end of it. You have it under control.

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