Facing the Ruins

Sometimes it feels as if God doesn’t hear. It feels as if we’ve been abandoned and left alone. The psalmist felt it too.

“O God, why have you rejected us forever? Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture? Remember the nation you purchased long ago, the people of your inheritance, whom you redeemed—Mount Zion, where you dwelt. Turn your steps toward these everlasting ruins, all this destruction the enemy has brought on the sanctuary.”

Psalm 74:1-3

It can be little things like the car needing a new battery. It can be big things like discovering cancer is raging war against us. It can be personal. It can be global. It can be physical. It can be emotional. It can be health. It can be wealth.

But let’s face it, hurt is hurt and it, well, hurts. We have to look beyond the moment and search for the eternal. God allows what comes into our lives for His plan and purpose. Often it is not convenient or comfortable. We want to run from the destruction.

This section ends with a plea that the Lord would turn His steps towards the ruins.

I have to admit, until this morning, I have never prayed that prayer. But I’m facing some ruins in my life right now so I echoed this same prayer.

Did He hear me?


How will He work?

I have no idea. But I know He will.

Here’s a thought: The greater the opposition we encounter, the greater the glory He can receive.

Lord, I’m asking You to remember me, turn Your steps into the ruins, and accomplish Your plan. Thank You.

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