Last time we looked at the wicked and how they appear to flourish. Today, let’s look at those who are referred to as blameless. What does God say about them?

“Consider the blameless, observe the upright; a future awaits those who seek peace.But all sinners will be destroyed; there will be no future for the wicked. The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; he is their stronghold in time of trouble.The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.” Psalm 37:37-40

God has said a lot about them.

A future awaits them.

Their salvation comes from the Lord.

God is their stronghold in times of trouble.

He helps and delivers them from the wicked.

He saves them.

Why? Why are they considered blameless? How have they become those whom God calls upright?

The answer? They take refuge in Christ. Jesus is their stronghold and salvation.

That is the difference between those who are wicked and those who are blameless. It’s Jesus.

Dear Jesus, if I have You, I have everything. My life is filled and I can be content because You are everything.

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