Do You Know

“Do you know if you died today you would go to heaven?”

A profound question, a critically important question, an eternity changing question, and one that the average person answers with something akin to this: “Well, I think so. I’ve tried to do what is right. I’ve tried to be a pretty good person and live a pretty good life.”

Proverbs 14:12 is a profound statement. “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

What seems to be right in this world and what is right are two very different things. It seems like trying to be a good person should count for something, so what is wrong with that path?

The problem is, we are all sinners and the Bible tells us that our sin separates us from a Holy God. Romans 6:23 even says that the wages, the payment for our sin is death. And death is death. Stacking up a list of someone’s good deeds next to a casket, has never, and will never, bring someone back to life. Good works aren’t a cure for death, because they can’t erase our sin. There is only one cure for death and that is Life.

But here is some really good news, Jesus is Eternal Life. When we receive Him, He forgives and cleanses away our sin and freely imparts His Eternal Life to us.

Father, there is such freedom in your plan for my salvation. None of it is based on what I have done. It is totally based on what You have done.

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