“...who despises a vile person but honors those who fear the LORD; who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and does not change their mind;” Psalm 15:4

Today’s passage talks about keeping an oath even when it hurts. Let’s look at that word. The word oath means vow or promise and sometimes it does hurt. It’s the reason it’s rare today.

Especially in the area of marriage. 

When we get married, we make a solemn promise to commit to one another for life.

Now, before I take this challenge any further, I want to say that there are Biblical grounds for divorce and severing the relationship with your spouse. Sometimes the situation is that he or she walks away into a life that you cannot be linked to. The marriage becomes impossible to continue and the relationship ends. God is able to pick up the pieces when you’ve been flattened by divorce. God can lift us above every devastating circumstance.

But way too many divorces take place for far less. Commitment is tossed to the way side without even trying to bring repair.

Many times, it is a disagreement that escalates into a fight that becomes a walk away situation. It comes from refusing to honor or respect your spouse through your words or actions and it grows to feel unbearable and unfixable. It can be too much time and money spent on everything but the marriage and the relationship falls apart. Too many rips and no repairs.

The relationship in marriage is worth fighting for but in the world of fight or flight, in our culture the easy way is flight and it’s the road most traveled.

A marriage vow is an oath. It is not to be taken lightly but reverently and with commitment. 

Our challenge today is to look at every way possible to honor the oath and live that testimony that God repairs what is broken.

Father, I want to ask You to help us understand that You created the marriage relationship. You designed it to be the foundation of the family that only death severs. Help us to have eyes to see how to accomplish that.

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