Come Walk with Us into Christmas

Christmas, to many, is the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, it offers challenges to our schedules and our wallets, but it often brings way more enjoyment than difficulties.

The lights alone are enough to welcome the season. The night streets are lit up with the twinkling, radiant hues of color that bring a sense of awe and wonder at times.

The music can bring us to our feet praising or create a hushed calm that whispers silent night.

Food becomes very special with many “one time a year” dishes brought to the table. Memories are relished with every bite.

Gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree and eyed with suspicions and questions. The waiting to open makes them even more magical. In our world of instant gratification, waiting is almost unheard of. It is beautiful to wait.

Parties connect us to friends and families. Church services connect us to believers. The season becomes the time to celebrate the past, present, and future.

For some of us, it could be Christmas all year round. We love Christmas in July because it reminds us that Christmas is only months away. We could celebrate every day of the year because we love it so much.

Whether you’re in this Christmas club or not, we are going to invite you to take us by the hand and walk through the days ahead into the Christmas holidays and see it through our eyes.

It might be a little on the light side, the child side, the sugar overload side but it will be a journey.

Come, walk with us into Christmas.

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