And then after days of waiting the most special day of the year dawns and the wait for Christmas is finally over.

As children, those first moments of Christmas morning always felt surreal. And when we think about it, they really should. Even if we live to be the ripe old age of 100, we still only get 100 Christmases in our lives. So, December 25thshould feel amazing and special and magical. It is in the mystery of those moments that we get a slight hint, a small taste of the thrilling mystery of that first Christmas morning.

That very first Christmas dawned. The wait was finally over and it was more than amazing and special and magical and surreal and well it should be. When you think about it, it was the most incredible, most unique day ever experienced on the planet. A woman brought forth her firstborn son and laid Him in a manger. And while women have given birth routinely to their firstborn sons since Eve first birthed Cain, this was a unique first. Mary was a virgin.

Women have always looked into the sweet faces of their children and been overcome with the overwhelming love they feel for their child.

And while Mary most certainly would have experienced that overwhelming love for her Son, this moment was way bigger. It was the first time a woman looked into a newborn’s face and because He was the Lord, saw God’s overwhelming and everlasting love staring back at her.

Every baby’s first cries are beautiful music to a mother’s heart. That is not a unique experience. But what Mary and Joseph heard were the first sounds of the One whose voice had echoed throughout the universe. He was the One who had proclaimed, “Let there be…” and there was.

When they held Him close, His precious scent wasn’t just the ordinary newborn baby smell. He was wrapped in the sweetness of heaven.

They had the awesome privilege to be the first to welcome the newborn King of Kings who came to change everything. They looked into His face and saw that God had come to be with them.

For the rich and famous today, investigative reporters might rush for an interview. Royal births are often greeted with fanfare, heralded by the news media, or scrolled across the bottom of a screen.

At that first Christmas thousands of angels proclaimed the message: “Glory to God in the highest.” Shepherds came to investigate and left to spread the good news. Bright lights didn’t flash across a grand marquee; a new star did the announcing.

Today when you awaken and see the lights, and hear the sounds and feel the great anticipation of the day, remember we get to experience a glimpse of the greatness of that first Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas.

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