“Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you: Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless I will show my salvation.” Psalm 50:22-23

Blameless is a huge word in these verses. It means I have no sin to my account.

It begs the question: how can that be?

We are all sinners. It is quite clear as we look over our lives that there is no such thing as a person who is blameless. Again, I say that we are all sinners.

The only One who is blameless is the One who lived a perfect life and then died on the cross to take our place. He saw the judgement that we deserved and chose to be our substitute. He literally took our place for our punishment.



Unless we kneel at the cross and receive the forgiveness He offers. Then blameless is possible.

Lord, I confess my sins and receive You as my substitute. You took my place for the punishment I deserve. Thank You for bringing salvation to me.

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