Another King

King Herod was ruling in Judea. He wore the title of king and ruler. He was the one, that everyone who had an ounce of sense, respected, bowed to, cowered in front of. He was king.

And then suddenly his glorious little domain was threatened by a few words from some visiting dignitaries. Magi from another part of the world showed up with a question that rocked Herod’s perfect world. “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.” Matthew 2:2

Another king?

Herod demanded worship. His life thrived on worship and now a star appeared to announce a new king. When he heard this he was disturbed, in fact the whole city of Jerusalem was disturbed. And we get that, a new king, what would that mean for Jerusalem?

Herod thought he knew what it would mean for him. He assumed a new king was a threat to his throne.

He hatched a plan. He told the Magi that when they found this new king that they should return to tell him where. He too would go and worship.

Lies, treachery, the killing of innocent babes, Herod’s plan was from the pit of hell. He had no desire to worship. He had no heart to bow to a greater King. He wanted to kill the new King that threatened his life.

What Herod did not know was that he made the worst, most terrifying, eternity defining choice a person can make. He decided to reject the Lord.

We too are faced with a choice. What will we do with the One who was born King of the Jews?

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