A Day for Song

“Be exalted in your strength, Lord; we will sing and praise your might.”

Psalm 21:13

Today is a day for thankfulness.

Today is a day for praise.

Today is a day for song.

And it isn’t just today, it is every day because every single day of our lives we can lift up our voices. No matter where we are we can burst forth with praise and song, and that’s true even if our song is sung quietly, only in our hearts. He hears it.

And there are a million reasons for our praise. We can know the God of the universe. We can walk and talk with Him. We can bring our struggles and hurts and anxiety and trials to His big shoulders. He is our God, our friend, our Savior. He is strong and mighty. He is able and willing to care for us, fight our battles, sustain us in our weaknesses and give victory in the darkest trials.

Lord, thank You for always being available and always being willing.

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