Such a young girl, a poor girl from a little town with the reputation of being a nothing destination with a nothing future. She lived in Nazareth and the word around town was that nothing much good came from Nazareth. And yet...

It was the place that God chose to send one of His most powerful messengers with the most beautiful news ever announced.

This poor young girl named Mary was to become the mother of the One the world was waiting for. Her little world was to become the place where the Savior would grow in order to impact the entire world for all time and eternity.

He would come to save.

There are many of us who think we have nothing reputations and small worlds, but the power of God is to take the little we have and turn it into the ministry He wants. We have no ability to judge what He wants to do with a little. God takes the very small and it becomes the very powerful.

The little town of Bethlehem is another shining example of God accomplishing His plans with what many saw as nothing.

Bethlehem boasted fields for sheep but not even enough room to house all of the guests who had arrived to pay their taxes. When Mary and Joseph finally arrived, every room was filled, every bed was taken. Mary’s baby was coming and they had to find a place. They did. Her baby boy was born and placed in a feeding trough.

To the outside world it may have looked like it couldn’t have played out any worse. To the heart of God, it couldn’t have played out better.

Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, was born in Bethlehem, the house of bread. The little town of Bethlehem became the birthplace of the greatest One to ever live.

This Christmas, don’t look at the little as small, look at the little as great!

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