Our proverb for today addresses the desire for notoriety. Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than pretend to be somebody and have no food.” Proverbs 12:9

Fame and notoriety are things that some people long for. They want their names spilling off the lips of others even if what is being said isn’t flattering. For some, being recognized by the world is a state to strive for, even if it means giving up everything else. In other words, any publicity is better than no publicity.

But is it?

This verse is cautioning us not to strive for fame at any cost.

We each have only one life. That’s it. We don’t get do-overs after we die. How we live this life determines what happens after our death.

If we choose the Lord we get heaven, a place of magnificence and beauty. We will be surrounded by friends and loved ones and best of all get to be with our Savior, Jesus.

But hell is a place of complete obscurity. It is the darkest night. It is aloneness and weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. Having fame and being known here is of no consequence whatsoever in hell.

It truly is better to be a nobody than to just strive for fame and notoriety and end up with nothing.

What matters is not being known but rather Who we know.

Here is some really great news: The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Ruler of the Universe, knows our names. He calls us by our name. He wants us to come to Him.

We just need to listen.

Lord, You are ruler over the entire universe and yet You know my name. That thought is so wonderful and that is the only fame I need.

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