Get on Your Knee Replacements and Pray!

"What comes to mind when you think about getting old? Knee or Hip Replacements? Wrinkles? Wrinkle cream? Healthy Eating? Eating whatever I want? Wisdom? Forgetting more than I thought I knew? Going under the knife in order to go out without skin flapping in the wind? The golden years or silver sneakers or the funeral preplanning appointment? 

Do you remember the “talk” sometime around fifth grade when they divided up the boys and the girls? A few giggles and then an uncomfortable hush came over the room. We

listened with wide eyes and gaping jaws as the nurse filled us in on stuff. It started something

like this, “Now, as you get older, your body is going to change…” and it was off to the races with

facts and information that made lots of us want to run for the hills.

But does anyone prepare us for the changes that take place as we get much older? Who’s supposed to be doing that talk?"

- Excerpt from Get on You Knee Replacement and Pray!

Take a Deep Breath.jpg

Take a Deep Breath...It's Christmas

"The hope… Christmas trees shining brightly, colored lights muted under freshly falling snow, evergreens tipped in white, holiday music piped into the stores, cookies baking, cider simmering, turkeys roasting, children laughing, jingle bells ringing, perfection, the sights, the smells, the sounds of Christmas, these are the moments when we want to stop, take a deep breath, enjoy, relish, breathe it all in and safely store it in our hearts.

The reality… Frantic, hectic, busy, hurried, harried, deadlines, long lines, stores packed, kids fighting, screaming, crying, cookies burnt, no dinner, mud, blizzards, ice, Christmas trees toppling, costumes needed, imperfection, these are the moments when we simply must stop and take a deep breath just for the strength to continue.

The truth… Peace, rest, fellowship, miracles, The Word of God, imperfection swallowed up by perfection, the impossible becoming possible, those who cannot becoming the very ones who do. It is here where we breathe in the Breath of Life. It is here that we find strength for the day and rest from the day’s activity. It is in the pages of the Bible that we experience Christmas."                         

 - Excerpt from Take a Deep Breath...It's Christmas

Catch Your Breath.jpg

Catch Your Breath...It's a New Beginning

“Christmas has been picked up, packed up and put away for another year. The gifts have all been unwrapped, used or returned. Or have they? Maybe not.

We believe there is still one waiting on the shelf.

Don’t see it? Look again. It is there. And it is waiting to be opened. I can happen suddenly. Life can turn around and announce a promise.  We hope to stand next to you as you discover it. Ordinary days can become extraordinary. Why? Because the Giver of gifts has one for you.


What is it? Let’s explore it together.”

 - Excerpt from Catch Your Breath...It's a New Beginning

The Resurrection.jpg

The Resurrection...It's Breathtaking

“It had all happened so quickly. It was a morning of brokenness. A day of hopelessness stretched before them. The women walked before any light broke into dawn but that didn’t matter at all. Their Light was gone.


As they headed toward the tomb, they didn’t have any answers at all. Their Way was gone.

But then the earth moved and nothing would ever be the same.

Two men in robes that gleamed like lightning spoke eternity jarring words. “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, He has risen!”


Join us, because The Resurrection...It’s Breathtaking!”

- Excerpt from The Resurrection...It’s Breathtaking