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We are all teachers and teachers teach. We have to. It is within our hearts to take information, break it down, and make it something we can all understand. We teach through writing, speaking, and even those “by the way “ moments when an event or circumstance means a lesson learned or a subject broadened. We most often do it through stories. One ancient rabbi said that teaching without a parable is like a basket without handles. It is hard to get a hold of. So when we speak or write, we tell stories to drive home the message.


We have the greatest message ever given to the world. It is the message of Jesus. He is the reason we do everything we do.

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Speaking Topics

Healthy at any age

Refusing to Quit in the Face of Aging

Man Sitting on Stairs

Facing the Challenges of Life


Seeing Christ in the Old Testament


The Feasts of Israel

Star of David

The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Prayer Group

How to Study the Bible

Holy bible detail

The Books of the Bible: Esther, Daniel, Ruth, Jonah

Crime Scene Investigator

Reliable Evidence that the Bible is True

Students Taking Exams

Understanding How Students Learn

Preparing Jams

Parenting and Grand-parenting

Person Writing

Inspiring a Love for the Writing Process

Ready to Get Published

The Path to Publishing

Children in School

Cultivating the Joy of Learning