About the Kandel Sisters

We are the Kandel Sisters. You might notice that we like to write. We especially like to write

about life's ordinary moments and use them to point to the extraordinary. You also might notice that we like to tell stories. Every life is made up of a series of stories that can become parables.

Parables teach. We are inviting you to enter the mundane with us so we can open the door to the

miraculous. Join us for a few moments and look around at the simple little stories of life and visit the lesson. But don't stay very long looking at our faces. It isn't ours we want you to remember. We aregoing to step forward to tell stories but then hopefully step back into the shadows so you can look into the Face of the Real Story.


Every life carries a message. We speak it. We live it, because Jesus spoke it and He lived it. It

whispers. It shouts. Let's listen.


Karen Kizlin (Top Left); Linda Mason (Top Right); Kris Schwambach (Bottom Left);
Kathie Poe (Bottom Right)

Our Mission


Whether it’s one on one, or through our writing, teaching, and speaking, our mission is

the great commission, to go throughout the world with the Gospel.

Our Faith


Since coming to know Jesus as our Savior, God has taken us many different directions and

places, but it is always with a singular purpose. We are to share the message of the Gospel with the world. We believe that every life has a story and every story has a life. There is something to see, learn, grow, and teach from everything we experience. It is the reason we write and speak.

We love to take the run-of-the-mill, obvious, silly, and sometimes ridiculous things we do and relate them to Biblical lessons. We believe God is always at work and wants to use us as object lessons and tools to tell His story.


A Note From the Writers


I’m Karen. In high school or even college I would not have said that a career in writing would be in my future. Working on written assignments and then rewriting to edit and finalize a work seemed nothing short of tedious. And then a few years ago it occurred to me that social media could be a venue for sharing a short Biblical concept or an exciting new insight into the Scripture and my writing career began. One of the things I love about the written word is that it has staying power. What I pen today could be read by a grandchild some day in the future even after I’m gone. Ministry can occur in someone’s home a thousand miles away because they have picked up a book or read a blog that I helped to write. I now consider it one of my greatest privileges to put pen to paper. And then in addition God has opened up doors for a speaking and teaching ministry. What I have learned is that our loving Father opens up the doors we would never have dreamed we even wanted to walk through and yet once we do we realize we have entered the best world possible.

Hey, it’s Linda. When I was young I remember telling others that I wanted to write and illustrate books. My life as a child wasn’t always the happiest. I was a middle child and lived in the shadow of three older sisters who looked alike. Sometimes I felt alone, and that even made me feel more like writing. As I grew, I became an art major and taught school for a number of years, had two beautiful kids and everyday life superseded the writer/illustrator dream. Until a few years ago. God has now given me an open door to write and even work on illustrations. I look at the way God has brought me full circle right back to the dream I had years ago and I know that


He is forever faithful. In everything I do, writing, illustrating, speaking, teaching, I do it with a passion to see others come to Christ.

Hi, I’m Kathie. In 2008, I attended a summer writers’ class for teachers. I went to finish some graduate hours for another degree. I needed the hours but I didn’t want to spend most of my

summer in classes, so I went dragging my feet. What I discovered is that I loved writing, crafting words into sentences and stories. I found that God has given me many stories to tell. As I look back, my life has not turned out the way I planned years ago. Today I am a single adult, so, I know some of the pitfalls of singleness. I write and speak about those, but mostly, I love to share about the faithfulness and love of God through every trial, every hardship and, of course, every



No, my life is not what I planned, but as I look at it today, it’s better. That’s because God

has a plan that’s bigger than anything I can imagine.

I’m Kris and my writing career began in a college English class. Every paper I turned in was

rewarded with a brilliant red F at the top. I was dumbfounded, furious and pretty sure the prof

had no idea what he was talking about...until I started to listen to him. I began to see writing

through a different lens. I witnessed the power of the correct words in just the right phrases. Suddenly a new world opened with the written word as its pathway. Several years later I sent the professor a series of articles I had written for a local newspaper. He wrote back. He announced he had given me an A. It was the best A I had ever received. It was there that the journey with a pen in my hand began. It hasn’t stopped.